Saturday, 17 May 2014

Advanced English Dictionary Pro Version 1.0

Advanced Dictionary Pro Version 
Thanks for usingAdvanced Dictionary Pro! 
Main contents: 
- Concise English Thesaurus 
- New English Dictionary 
- Moby Thesaurus 
- Shorter English Dictionary 
- New English Thesaurus Dictionary 
- WordNet Dictionary 
Basic contents: 
- A lot of free dictionaries from our servers 
- Google, Urban Dictionary, Wikitionary, The Free Dictionary... 
- High quality database and sounds. 
- Offline dictionary 
- Fast & exactly 
- Simple design, easy to use 
- History, bookmark 
- Word suggestion 
- Online dictionary 
- Change fontsize 
- Touch to quickly look up

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  1. Hi, could you help me with some support about IELTS PRACTICE 3 please, I can't open the books, please your apps are really awesome but is not working right now. I'll really appreciate it. Thank you